Presto 1755 16-Quart Pressure Canner


Presto 1755 Pressure Canner

Presto 1755 Pressure Canner


Price: $71.59

The Presto 1755 pressure canner is an ideal unit for those that have light canning needs, but want the purchase protection that comes with a twelve year warranty.

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Those that don’t have large canning needs will certainly enjoy the highly rated Presto 1755 pressure canner.  This pressure canner received the best user reviews in the 16-quart class.  Besides having a very reasonable price and good reviews by actual customers, this model also comes with a twelve year warranty from Presto.

The Presto 1755 pressure canner features:

16-quart pressure canner which accommodates up to 10 pint jars or 7 quart jars
Manufacturered with extra-strong and warp resistant aluminum
Designed for use on regular and smooth top ranges
Air vent/cover lock allows pressure to build up only when the cover is closed properly
An easily read pressure gauge
Includes a canning rack
Detailed instruction manual and included recipe book
Backed by a 12-year limited warranty

The Presto 1755 is a perfect match for those that only need to do a limited amount of canning and do not require a larger capacity canner.

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